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How to Start a Real Estate Blog

The real estate blogging niche is one of Africa’s most profitable yet untouched niches.

A fast online search will reveal that all top realtors and companies are either focused on social media or direct response marketing.

While there is nothing wrong with using these marketing approaches, it does open the door for any newcomer who wants to jump into the market with less effort.

If you conduct another fast random web search, you will discover that only a few have a blog that will allow them to generate leads from Google.

Let me tell you this, finding a real estate agent is not a commitment that most buyers or sellers are eager to make. 

Most people spend weeks or months exploring online before contacting an agent. 

This is where your blog comes in. It assists buyers and sellers in testing the waters by proactively seeking answers to concerns they may have about the market, the home buying and selling process, and the benefits of the many housing options in your community. 

Apart from that, Real estate blogging is a successful business in and of itself. However, with the help and advice provided here and a desire to put in the time and effort, you can create your blog posts and begin generating an audience and, eventually, well-qualified leads.

The Advantages of Creating a Real Estate Blog

Having a real estate blog provides numerous benefits that outweigh the time and effort required to maintain the site. A blog allows you to share your expertise as an agent, demonstrate your local market knowledge, attract business to your firm, make money from sponsored posts, ads, and much more.

Some of the most beneficial business you can get from a real estate blog are:

  • You increase brand awareness. When amazing content is combined with an equally great SEO and social media strategy, you may expose your business to thousands of people.
  • You position yourself as an authority figure. When you continuously give high-quality content, people come to equate your activity with your productivity. Readers can easily presume your expertise, and you can easily succeed as an agent.
  • You add value to the table. You become a trusted resource when you continually provide good knowledge that your intended audience can use. Readers will return to your blog because they know they will find what they need. And, when the time comes for them to buy or sell a property, you’ll be first on their minds because you’ve been there for them in the past.
  • Let us not delude ourselves. While providing knowledgeable advice and insight to individuals in need is rewarding, the ultimate goal of anything in our business is to produce more leads. You collect email addresses from people who subscribe to your site, download your lead magnets, or leave a comment. It’s then a matter of nurturing those leads till they require your services. You end up creating leads.

How to Start a Real Estate Blog

#1 Choose a profitable blogging niche

You can tell if a blogging niche is profitable by looking at companies’ advertising budgets in that area.

Companies are too astute to waste money on advertising in a niche where there is no money. This will be confirmed when you track the keyword’s cost-per-click.

Is real estate a lucrative market? Yes, of course. That is not something you need to be told.

Now that we’ve established the profitability of the niche let’s look at other areas. 

#2 Choose an easy-to-rank domain name

Google Search Boss has often stated that your domain name selection has no effect on your ranking, yet battle-testing proof has proven this false.

You can’t be thinking about creating a real estate blog with a domain name that sounds like a prescription medicine.

Your ideal clientele may find you, but they will believe they are on the wrong platform and will leave.

A good name that is simple to rank will improve your chances of success.

#3 Build your blog on WordPress

There are so many content management systems, but the chief of them is WordPress.

 You can check out this post on how to create a WordPress website Click here.

Beyond how easy it is to customize WordPress, you can easily access many helpful free and paid plugins that will make people think you spent a million dollars building your real estate blog.

Interestingly, WordPress is FREE.

You can contact us if you are having a problem creating your website. We are here to help

#4 Schedule Content

Once you’ve decided where to post your content, set aside some time each month to plan what and when you will post, take out your calendar and examine upcoming holidays and local events while deciding what topics to address. 

Try to incorporate important events into your blogging and create plenty of “evergreen” content. 

Evergreen content is good all year and can be updated and utilized regularly. 

A blog post about what a seller should do to prepare their home for an open house is an example of an evergreen topic. 

How to Decide What to Write

Return to your calendar for ideas on launching a real estate blog. What are the upcoming national holidays? 

Make a note of those. Are there any new properties on the horizon that you believe your target audience will enjoy? What about forthcoming legislative changes that may alter how your clients shop or qualify for bank loans?

 Make a note of everything and put it on your calendar. These dates will serve as inspiration for content you generate in the weeks or days before an event.

Once you’ve booked these holidays and events, it’s time to fill in the blanks with content ideas. Here are various methods for coming up with good ideas:

  • Write down all the frequently asked questions you can think of and turn them into blog post titles. When you write down these FAQs, you can generate five topics from each, use the best of them as your blog title and turn the rest into your subtitles.
  • Carry a notebook with you and scribble down ideas as you go. The clients themselves will be your finest source of ideas. Make a point of writing down your thoughts as soon as you have them. You’ll save time since your thoughts will be ready for you when you sit down to write.
  • Look through other real estate blogs for interesting or popular topics if you’re stuck for ideas.

#5 Tidy up your technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the infrastructural optimizations you make on a website to help search engine spiders properly crawl and index the site.

Some great examples of technical SEOs you should look at are the installation of an SSL certificate, using Webp image formats, miniaturization of texts, using schema markups, etc.

Sign up for Google search console and Google analytics to help you monitor and track your performance. Doing this will help you to know exactly what to focus on.

Once you carry out all the steps listed above:

  • You will start generating massive traffic from Google
  •  You will start ranking for multiple feature snippets. That’s No. 1 on Google.
  • You can turn this traffic into leads and, thereafter, into clients
  • From your blog, you can easily attract Africans in the diaspora who have more purchasing power
  • It will be easier to build the trust and credibility you need to sell more properties.

Can you now see how easy it is to use blogging in growing your real estate marketing business?

If you need our assistance with your website, you can write us.