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All businesses require capital to get started. With 1,000,000 FRS, there are many business ideas you could start and benefit from daily.

Suppose you have at least one million francs. In that case, we will show you a list of businesses in Cameroon that you can start and expect a high return on investment.

#1. Operating a restaurant

Food is one of life’s most basic needs. Everyone needs to eat. A restaurant is one business that can be started with one million francs today. You can open a successful restaurant in a prime location with one million francs. The restaurant business also has a lot of advantages, and you will be smiling to the bank in no time. Some good places to open a restaurant are near the road, a school, or a cluster of offices. It’s a plus if your meals are tasty and reasonably priced. Cleanliness is also a plus, as is good customer service.

#2 Provision Store

provision store business

You can start a medium-sized Provision store with a capital of one million francs and get just about the right products. The Provision store business is very profitable, but only if it is located in the right area. 

#3 Poultry farming

Poultry farming

Chicken is one of Cameroon’s most popular consumed meat.

Many people eat it as a side dish in restaurants. Furthermore, poultry includes not only meat but also eggs, which are an essential component of Cameroonian cuisine.

There are numerous meals that include meat and eggs. Becoming a poultry farmer may require effort, but it will pay off and be profitable.

Starting a poultry farm with one million francs means you’re going for the large-scale option, yielding the most profit and leaving you with fewer losses. You can build better poultry for the chicks and hire the right people to watch their development. 

Take note that the poultry farming industry thrives during the Christmas season.

#4 Producing ice cream and yogurt

Producing ice cream and yogurt

This industry is rapidly expanding and developing and is already gaining a significant market share. The attraction of this business stems from the fact that ice cream and yogurt are relatively simple to produce.

You can sell these products directly as well as supplied to various establishments such as canteens, cafeterias, hotels, and eateries.

#5 Bakery/Bakeshop

It is not difficult to start your own bakery. You must not be the baker. You can hire someone to do this while focusing on other aspects of the business. It is also normal to start small.

Originality is essential in business. It’s a plus if you can spice up your business with your recipes and creations. You can include a smoothie bar because pastries go well with drinks.

#6 Photography

Photography business

Another business in Cameroon that can be started with one million francs is photography. A beginner would require equipment such as a camera (preferably an excellent one), a camera bag, a tripod, backdrops, editing software, an external hard drive, a photo printer, a computer, memory cards, and so on. For obvious reasons, a photography studio or workshop is also required.

There should be a studio space for studio shots, chairs, mirrors, fans, adequate lighting, desks, and so on. All of these can be met with one million francs(umm, not sure, but I just though I should include this one).

#7 Boutique Business

In the past, most Cameroonians could only afford fairly used clothes or clothing from their native materials. Today, things have taken a different turn as more Cameroonians are following the trends and upgrading their wardrobes. This makes the boutique business quite lucrative.

Starting a boutique with only new clothes, shoes, and other clothing could cost a million. Take note that the boutique business relies heavily on location and trends. You should only purchase and sell trending clothes and shoes if you wish to profit from this business.

#8 Fish Farming

Fish are raised in ponds or tanks for commercial purposes in fish farming. If run properly, this commercial business can bring in a lot of money. One million francs can be used to launch a substantial fish farming Business. However, the expense of fish farming discourages many people.

Before starting this business, you might want to look more closely at the fish market and do some research on the fish species that would yield the highest profits. You will need to purchase land to turn into a fish pond. Additionally, you’ll need to hire someone to take care of the business and buy fingerlings, feed, and other supplies.

#9 Barbing salon

Barbing salon business

A modern barbershop can easily be established with one million francs. Like some other businesses, this one depends on having the right skills and providing excellent customer service.

#10 Fitness centers

Many people nowadays want to exercise and stay in shape. More people are signing up for paid exercise sessions with sports instructors at local fitness centers.

Fitness centers are important because anyone who enjoys working out would prefer to have one close to their home.

This is why it would be a profitable business if you started the center in your area. It would work exceptionally well if you started one in an area with few or no fitness centers.

You do not have to be a fitness instructor to work in this industry; you can always hire.

This business can begin with a modest budget and then grow as time goes on.

#11 Pharmacy

Pharmacy business

Suppose you are a licensed pharmacist with one million Francs to invest in a business. In that case, you should consider opening a pharmacy. A pharmacy shop, like a supermarket, will require hall partitioning, devices such as computers, barcode readers, CCTV, proper lighting, alternative power supply, and so on, as well as basic health facilities such as a sphygmomanometer and thermometer. The majority of the funds should then be spent on obtaining drugs from the most reliable suppliers.

Non-pharmacists can also open a pharmacy, but only with the permission of a licensed pharmacist.

#12 Car wash business

Several car owners, particularly in urban places, outsource car washing. With one million francs, you can start a cutting-edge car wash business. The location of the business is an important factor in determining its success.

#13 Phone and computer accessory business

In Cameroon, mobile phones and personal computers are used by the majority of the population.

They frequently want to buy new versions of their technological devices and various accessories. People also require new technology after their old phone or computer is damaged, as these items will only last for a while.

#14 Dry cleaning business

Many people outsource their laundry. Entering this business makes a lot of money. Success in this industry necessitates strategic positioning.

This business requires washing machines, dryers, laundry lines, and a plethora of buckets and basins, including fabric softeners, bleach, and detergent.

#15 Driving school business

Driving school business

Everyone drives and must learn to drive before doing so. This opens up the possibility of starting a driving school. You’ll only need to be aware of some of your country’s criteria, who is currently providing driver education services in your area, and, finally, how to publicize your driving school. Once your business is up and running and appropriately positioned for your area, success is practically guaranteed.

#16 Taxi business

I can’t over-emphasize this one; with 1 million, you can get a secondhand taxi and start cashing out. But I don’t recommend you buy a car less than 1.5m for a taxi business. That is because most cars under 1 million will give you headache. 


In Cameroon, there are various respectable businesses that can be established with one million francs. All that is required is to follow the location and skill suggestions.