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Creating a website is now the most important way to spread your message worldwide. However, you may not want to spend money on a website if you are just getting started.

Most people want something quick, simple, and free.

Finding a reputable web hosting platform to host your website or start a business is relatively easy. There are many solutions on the market, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, to assist you in establishing your online presence. 

If you need a platform to host a website for a demo project or a short period, a free web hosting platform is what you need.

Is free website hosting reliable? 

When looking for the best hosting provider for your online needs, it is natural to wonder if free website hosting is good.

To answer that burning question, I will say “Free” is always desirable, but it is not necessarily worthwhile in the long run. 

There is numerous free website hosting providers on the market. However, as a wise consumer, you should know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

There is always a catch.

Running a website hosting service is expensive.

Companies that provide free website hosting must make money or go out of business.

They accomplish this by displaying advertisements on your website, limiting your website traffic, causing downtime, locking you into their platform, and/or upselling their other services. Some of the ads displayed may not accurately represent your brand, and they may even be advertisements for your competitors.

If you want to create a test website or a hobby project, you have low expectations for it, and you don’t want to put any money into it, free web hosting may be a fantastic solution!

For any serious website-building project or a site that will be online for an extended period, You should go for a low-cost web hosting plan that costs no more than $2.75 or even $1.99 per month.

Alternatively, you could go with an all-in-one solution. Wix, for example, is a good choice for a quick start because it combines hosting and a website builder in one package. Despite the fact that there is a free plan, you can test any premium plan. that offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Here we have evaluated many web hosting platforms to provide you with a list of the top 12 free web hosting platforms. This list is presented in random order:

Ten best free website hosting services.

#1 InfinityFree

Infinityfree (a free hosting service from iFastnet) stands out for good reasons in the world of free website hosting, which is why it is at the top of our list of best free website hosting services. It features a well-designed website that makes a good first impression and checks our boxes. Its homepage receives a C in our load time test, but everything else appears to be in order.

Infinityfree has been in business for more than 6 years and claims to have over 400,000 customers. It provides limitless disk space and bandwidth (with a generous fifty thousand daily hits). You are free to host as many domains as you want., but you only get ten email addresses and one FTP account to upload your files.

There are no hidden fees, and despite being free, you will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the renowned Softaculous Script installer with over 400 programs (but you will be on your own if your site goes down).

They offer 400 MySQL databases (where others provide a few), a free DNS service, free SSL, and a free Cloudflare CDN. That’s quite outstanding for a free WebHost.

As expected, Infinityfree also sells low-cost subscription hosting (Infinityfree Ultimate Premium), which offers limitless everything for $6.90 per month and is worth upgrading for access to Cloudflare Railgun, which greatly reduces load times.


  • An auto-installer with over 400 different apps, including WordPress
  • Free subdomains
  • 400 MySQL databases
  • 5 GB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Knowledge base support

#2 Wix

How to Pick the Best Blogging Platform- wix

Wix is a fully-hosted website builder that also provides free website hosting. 

Wix is included on this list since it provides both a website platform and server space to host that website.

It has a free web hosting plan and several paid ones with additional features. Under the free plan, Wix websites contain advertisements and connect to just one Wix subdomain. You must upgrade to the paid plan if you want a custom domain and no advertisements. 

This free plan includes the following:


  • Wix.com subdomain
  • Free SSL and security monitoring
  • Beautiful templates
  • 500 MB disk space
  • 500 MB bandwidth
  • Decent load time
  • Global content delivery network
  • Knowledge base and customer support
  • Decent load times

#3 HyperPHP

HyperPHP(a free service offered by iFastNet) is a free hosting and domain solution for personal websites.

It provides a few simple options for launching a new website. First and foremost, a free domain transfer is available. 

HyperPHP is best suited for those who want to move an existing website to a new host or build a brand-new website from scratch. They offer this migration for free and even offer technical assistance. 

They offer the Softaculous auto installer, an automatic script installer that allows users to quickly and easily install various applications.

However, If you want to create a professional business site, we recommend upgrading to a paid plan. These premium hosting plans start at $4.99 per month and include advanced features like Cloudflare Railgun, which can help speed up your website and provide a smoother user experience.


  • Easy domain transfer
  • 1 GB disk space
  • Free subdomain included
  • Webmail email accounts
  • MySQL database
  • Free tech support and community forums

#4 ByetHost

best free website hosting services ByetHost (1)

Byethost  is a subsidiary of Byet Internet, a hosting, domain name, and reseller service company based in the United States. With over one million websites hosted, Byethost claims to have “one of the most powerful networks dedicated completely to free hosting in the world.”

Users are offered 1GB of server space, 50GB of monthly bandwidth, and MySQL / PHP compatibility. They also have access to Byethost’s community and knowledge base, which is a plus.

The Softaculous platform automates the installation of WordPress and hundreds of other popular online apps, and there’s a free site builder (with platforms) if you require it. It is also ad-free.

Furthermore, if you ever wish to start your own free website hosting service, Byethost offers a separate plan called MyOwnFreeHost that allows you to do so.


  • Five subdomains
  • 50 GB monthly transfers
  • One MySQL database
  • 1 GB disk space
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a ticket system and knowledge base

#5 000WebHost

000Webhost is a free website hosting service provided by Hostinger. 000Webhost has been active for 10years and has millions of customers, making it an easy target for hackers. The provider’s database was breached in 2015, with information from an estimated 13.5 million accounts stolen. 000Webhost has since evolved dramatically, yet many customers still recall the hack.

You’ll get a website builder, cPanel, and a WordPress auto-installer with 000Webhost; there is no advertising. However, the bandwidth and, in particular, storage space are on the low side, with only 3GB of bandwidth and 300MB of disk space.

There is no SSL certificate, as expected, but what is relatively surprising is the lack of email accounts, and subdomains as well as a lack of support through requests (When you need assistance, you must visit the forums.).

You may easily change to a low-cost Hostinger plan if you outgrow your free plan. Hostinger rates start at $1.99 per month for your first billing cycle.


  • One website
  • 300 MB disk space
  • 3 GB of bandwidth
  • One MySQL database
  • Community forum

#6 Google Cloud Hosting

Google provides several free website hosting options for small enterprises and students. It has all the amazing features you would expect from a world-class organization like Google.

Because their programs are pay-per-use, it’s a simple way for students to start. If you’re merely searching for free website hosting for test sites, Google gives $300 in free credit for new clients, which is enough to last a year.

Google Cloud can host any website, and WordPress is available on Google Compute Engine.


  • One website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Extensive support documentation

#7 Googiehost

best free website hosting services Googiehost

You may easily confuse Googiehost with Google host, a clever technique to attract attention. However, Googiehost, which has been around for 8years, is still one of the better options for free website hosting services.

However, the company’s website inspires little trust with strange grammatic errors and strange skelit.

At the time of writing, there are supposed ‘2,12,820’ users worldwide.

Still, it’s not all bad. This is the only free provider that includes cPanel and Cloudflare. However, when attempting to access cPanel, the dreaded “your connection is not private” message popped up on your screen a few times. That’s never a good sign, as Chrome flags it as a “not secure” property.

Googiehost’s revenue model is based on some free websites converting to paid-for affairs through Interserver.net. It also runs a few banner ads on the Cpanels and its website but not on its users’ sites.

#8 AwardSpace

best free website hosting services AwardSpace

AwardSpace provides several hosting services. It is well known for its free plan.

It comes with a one-click content management system (CMS) installation and the Zacky website builder. The 24 hours a day and 7 days a week live chat is available to free plan members if you have any questions.

Your own website will be ads-free once it is launched. You can even monetize it by placing advertisements. You can also monitor your bandwidth usage with AwardSpace, which can help you budget your resources.

#9 FreeHostingNoAds

best free website hosting services freehostingnoads

FreeHostingNoAds, like Byethost, does exactly what it says on the tin: free website hosting without advertisements. Runhosting, an established web hosting provider that offers unlimited traffic and unlimited disk space for as little as $2.49 per month, owns the brand.

However, as expected, FreeHostingNoAds provides a portion of what a paid-for account provides and uses the same dashboard as Batcave (1GB/5GB/1 domain) and EUFreeHosting (200MB/4GB/5 domains). The latter are two more free website hosting providers offering the same features as FreeHostingNoAds and may be related.

An SSL certificate provides the major security padlock in browsers and can set you back a whopping $30. The control panel, accessible through Zacky Tools Installer, is extremely limited, with only Grav, WordPress, and Joomla available as one-click installs. You will, however, be able to install your own if you so desire – but keep in mind that the file size restriction is only 15MB.

Creating a new account is simple; however, we were concerned that the account emails ended up in our spam folder, indicating that some of the sites hosted by FreeHostingNoAds may be on a deny list.

#10 FreeHosting

From its 2 data centers, FreeHosting provides both premium and free hosting. 

You can bring your own domain, or FreeHosting will register one domain for you when you sign up. This service provider guarantees unmetered bandwidth as long as you follow its Fair Use Policy.

There are one-time fee add-ons, such as an additional SSL certificate or a mailbox. This allows you to enhance the free hosting plan while keeping expenses down. Please keep in mind that FreeHosting does not provide services to users in Brazil, Sudan, Cuba, Iran, Syria, or Vietnam.


  • One website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 10 GB disk space
  • One MySQL database
  • Ticket support system

#11 Freehostia

FreeHostia’s chocolate-free plan provides a taste of their service. It gives you the ability to construct a professional-looking website for free. If you have any problems, you can create a support ticket, and some will answer your questions within an hour. This functionality is also available with a free plan. Other benefits of “Chocolate” include:


  • Five websites
  • No subdomains
  •  3 Email Accounts
  • 6 GB bandwidth
  • 250 MB disk space
  • 1 MySQL v.5 Databases
  • 10MB MySQL Storage
  • FAQ and ticket support system

#12 FreeWebHostingArea

best free website hosting services FreeWebHostingArea

FreeWebHostingArea may look like a website from 1999, but it’s another alternative if you want a freee web hosting company with limitless bandwidth (or so the provider claims).

Furthermore, it provides a larger storage capacity than others, with 1.5GB of web space and three MySQL databases, outperforming most rival free website hosting companies.

The control panel is basic, and at the time of writing, the site builder and auto-installer were not operating properly, forcing users to transfer their data via FTP if they wanted to develop their own websites. FreeWebHostingArea allows a maximum file size of 12MB.

FreeWebHostingArea provides customers with daily or weekly offsite backups and no advertisements for low-traffic websites. Upgrade to the FreeWebHostingArea Basic package for $12 per year, and you’ll get rid of the advertisements regardless of how popular the site is, as well as 5 MySQL databases per account, single-click database backup, and priority technical assistance.

Your free site must have at least one visitor per month. If not, your website can be deleted due to inactivity, i.e., if you drop below this metric. This service also prohibits private projects, APIs, and password-protected websites.


  • 1.5 GB disk space
  • Unmetered traffic
  • MySQL databases
  • Free email support